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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Today I'm featuring 2 great Bostik products - their CLAG PAINTS:
Step 1: Water down the red paint to a milk / thin cream consistency.
Step 2: Apply paint to A4 white card-stock, using an eye dropper.  Drop from on high for wider splats; flick onto the card for line drips.
Step 3: Dry, then repeat with  yellow paint.
NOTE: I had paint left over, so did the same to some TAGS I had in my stash.
Step 4: Cut white card stock into card size [I custom made the size to fit the envelopes I already had] & fold to create your card base.
Step 5: Cut the decorated paper to fit INSIDE the card. Outline with a black thick pen.
Step 6: Add stamps - I popped them where it seemed 'right' amongst the splat background!
Step 7: Apply a squiggle of glue down over the Christmas tree.
Step 8: Leave to dry - I left it over night.
Step 9: Using a BOSTIK GLU STICK, attach the decorated panel to the card base.
Close up:
Then, because I had some of the painted paper left over, I made some more cards using different stamps!
 And here's a piccy of the finished tags ~ also using some stash stamps:

This is such a fun, easy way to create some quick cards. And no matter how watered down I made the paint, the colour remained quite intense...which is great to know!
Thanks for looking ~ happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. awesome! fully bright colourful and fabulous for youngsters too! TFS Liz

  2. OMG how Fantastic do they look....LOVE them Lizzy! x

  3. WOW! Lizzy, how fabulous do these look! LOVE them.

  4. Super fun projects! And they look good!

    P/s: My Christmas card count is up to 4 now...go me! lol

  5. Ohhhhhh these are just gorgeous! LOVING all the splatters!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. so fun and easy, but so beautiful cards (and tags of course!))))

  7. I thought I left a comments, but where did they go? Thanks for this fun, fun project, I'm going to try it with the Grandchildren. TFS

  8. I bet you had fun doing these! They look fabulous!! and kids would love it too!! Happy wednesday!!

  9. OMGosh these look FUN! Gotta have a go at doing this with Sophie and Benji!

  10. You have certainly been having fun! Haha these are simply brilliant, bright & bold...love them!

  11. Super cool, easy and simple! but appears you had great products to work with, you lucky girl!

  12. So cheery and bright and I love that contrast with the black.

  13. Wow how cool is this and a fab idea too...I love the bright yellow( of course) and red splodges to decorate Christmas cards.
    I have just about finished making cards for going abroad, but still have some more to do for nearby friends and family. I think I have to start in January for next year ones lol :) x

  14. WOW! all done and dusted in one go and I love them.... Simple and bright and fun. Perfect for Christmas. You have given me an idea for the tags. Thanks Lizzy.

  15. Oh my gosh! What an amazing conglomeration of craftiness! What an easy way to get a lot of cards done at one time! Thank you for leaving your wonderful comment on my grandma's tribute post. She was an amazing lady.

  16. They look amazing, gotta love the kids craft stuff.

  17. Wow....how cool are these! So creative and fun.... x

  18. How fun! Love the splashes and glitter here!

  19. I bet you had fun doing these and they look great

  20. love these !!! but you know I love splatters of all kind (on paper!!!) :)
    btw. thanks for the lovely Chrissy card - arrived last week <3

  21. Looks great!
    Love your extreme way of using paint and stuff, looks really cool.
    That's why I will follow your blog ;)
    Greetings Petra

  22. You see what I mean? You think outside the box. I really need to spend some scrappy time with you :-)

  23. Farrrrr outttt....how simple are these, yet they are freaking awesome!!! You are one clever arty chicky, Lizzy! Love the cards & the tags...just WOW!!


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