Hi there! I received a YUMMY box of CLAG PAINTS from BOSTIK to try out. Oh, MAN! I was in messy hands heaven:)
Now, officially they're children's paints....but - hey! That never stopped a scrapper, right? So, getting into the Christmas groove [yes, I may have been in it for most of the year, LOL!!!]...I thought I'd have a bit of fun creating some Chrissy paper!
I'm fond of brown paper. The stuff you get in I unrolled a big long piece onto the floor & using a variety of implements - paper towel roll, credit card [old!], brushes...I randomly added some white paint:

Once the white paint had dried, I added some red to get into the Christmas spirit - drawing large stars all over.

Until it looked like this:
I reckon kids would LOOOVE to help you do this! It would be a fun holiday activity.....maybe give each one a colour & an implement, with a different long run of paper...then swap until you have lovely coloured patterned papers!
Anyways....because this is a really big sheet of paper, by the time you actually cut & wrap the pressies, this is the effect you achieve. I was really happy with it:)
 Have you ever done the
Yup, the humble, plain ole paper bag makes easy wrapping for smaller presents! For this I used the white & green CLAG paints, along with my stencils:
 A rule of thumb is to use LARGER stencils and LIGHTER colours first....
Then the smaller star stencil with the green....
which I applied randomly, then in clusters of 3, then ON the white stars!!
Lots of different effects:) 
I only decorate one side - it looks fine:) You can cut the bag size down to fit your present:
 Finally, here are the presents finished:

This is a lovely, personalised gift wrapping idea & also a cheap alternative! I hope you give it a go:)
Thanks for looking & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
Bostik Glu Tape [for present wrapping:)]


  1. Oh wow! these gift wraps look clever.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh these are AMAZING!!!! PINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh wow, they are awesome Lizzy. What a fabulous idea and how great to receive handmade paper for Chrissy.

  4. These look great Lizzy! and dont forget wrapping those school books come January too, give the kids some paint and let them decorate the paper for their books! I hope you are having a great time!

  5. Innovative and original - but then, that is the way you roll! I'm so going to pinch this idea. That is, if I ever get around to thinking about Christmas gifts!

  6. So cool, Lizzy! So much nicer than bought paper!! :D

  7. Very clever Lizzy! i could see this being a great family activity.

  8. What a nice and fun idea to use that brown paper ! Loved the wraps :)

  9. OH yeah... I love messy looks like you have had loads of fun. Thanks for sharing your fab ideas, I love the gift wraps, so now I have to give it a go !!

  10. Don't they look fab all done up with some ribbon. You are getting into the spirit. I've made a few Christmassy things myself!!! It's not that far away now!!! We will spend our first Christmas in our new home with some friends this year, and the new pool, so hoping for a lovely day!

  11. I love brown paper packages tied up with string :) and decorated ones are even better. I bet you had a ton of fun doing this, they look great

  12. oooooooooooooooh!!! I'm totally in love with this post!!! Love the end result - and yeah - all the messiness! Love love love! What fabulous stencils! So cool - now I want to do this!!!

  13. Oh I love that idea. After the engagement party I need to get going on my Christmas stuff... Love the idea of recycling bags and stuff... would look cool over news print to I reckon. You are so full of good ideas.

  14. Such a fantastic idea....Looks great! x

  15. this creative wrapping always have such great ideas! Must give this one a go too! x

  16. Great job Lizzy!! You are always a step ahead when it comes to Christmas!!


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