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Friday, 3 October 2014


...in fact, it's well & truly here in NSW! Sooo to celebrate, this month I thought I'd create a mini canvas with lots of blooms on it! Something to cheer up my scrappy space:)
And I'm featuring TWO fabulous BOSTIK products. Their hot glue guns [I used the smaller version]:
Bostik Glue Guns 
And their WONDERFUL [especially for OTP projects] PVA glue:
So, I thought I'd do a step by step....
 I covered my canvas with the PVA glue, using the tissue paper that I then stuck down:
Then, below, I covered the whole lot with gesso using a sponge:
Now I had some interesting texture. Next I used a plastic doily [thanks Mitra!] & misted over the top:
 Now for the fun part - adding flowers! Those of you who know me well, know I do not usually 'do' flowers - but I thought this was a REALLY good, neat way of using some up. So, I totally randomly glued them on - easy peasy with this glue gun - working from largest to smallest, then tucked some leaves in as well:
 Now, I'm a lazy peep who does NOT like dusting, so my final step is to cover the whole canvas with a coat of PVA glue - it gives a LOVELY glossy, shiny, protective coating! Here's a closie of me 'painting' it on:
And the final result:
 I added some gesso as well....thanks for the accordion blooms Tone-Lil!!
 Here's a side on view so you can see the dimension.....& below, the Mica Flakes that add extra sparkle:
 The roses below are from Dusty Attic & Meg's Garden:
And TA-DA!!!
Thanks so much for taking this creative journey with me.
Bostik Australia
Bostik Facebook page
Meg's Garden
Dusty Attic
And HAPPY SCRAPPING my friends ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS Canvas Lizzy.....

  2. Gorgeous Lizzy! Love the textured background and all the of those lovely blooms!

  3. Very pretty!! Certainly a happy canvas!!!

  4. Eeeeeekkk! I saw this on Facebook and now it is here all big and lovely on your blog for me to take a good PEEP at! Love that doily and lucky girl you getting to play with some good glues!

  5. Soooooo gorgeous! I Love love love love love this!! LOVING those flowers!!!!!!

  6. Gorgeous - just like a cottage garden in Spring. Thanks for the step by step and for a gal who doesn't like to use flowers, you showcased them perfectly. I'm going to try that glue gun....mine is very difficult to work with...it sets in about 1 second and leaves a big lump :D

  7. And you reckon you dont 'do' flowers.. flooeey! you do now!! hehe! This is so gorgeous, love all the flowers and love the texture on the back ground too.. I look forward to seeing you doing flowers more in future projects!!

  8. Divine. Love the process photos and your close ups just make me want to touch it all :)

  9. Oooo! How gorgeous is this! Love how that top layer (dust protector) of PVA has brought up the richness in the flowers.

  10. Yummy-licious... who says you don't do flowers. I reckon you do them rather well. I never though about covering them for protection before... good idea... love this canvas. Also never use my glue gun - soooo messy... I do however LOVE Bostick Gel... I use it for EVERYTHING... it doesn't come undone ever... fabulous.

  11. Love how you got your texture and look at all those flowers ! Very pretty and now I think we will be seeing more flowers from you :)

  12. This is bloomin marvelous!!!!!! LOL....so pretty Lizzy and thanks for the step by step....way cool! ;-)

  13. A canvas loaded with so many Beautiful blooms that too by Lizzy !! Superb :)

  14. Oh wow..look at you go with those blooms...this is sooooooooo pretty! :)


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