A combined challenge...

...yes! A two fer one...shocked ya socks off, eh, Yvonne Yam??!!!!
I started this for Pixels and Paper....but as I was doing it, thought, I'm writing about what makes me happy...hmmmnnnn...that's Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge's challenge this month.
So, after checking, it looks like I can combine...& since I'm running outta days to post....it works for me:)
Pixels and Paper's inspiration picture is simply SUBLIME:
OCTOBER inspiration ...
I thought about doing tea cups, coffee, food etc...but then I found a photo in my to-scrap box & since it was also a pretty pink...I went with using the floral element & of course, those DIVINE colours:)
And you can see why this makes me happy, yes? ADORE flowers like this....don't they make you smile too?
The little Polaroid frame is from 3rd Eye...backed, added alphas & a 3rd Eye arrow [nail polished!], then the washi tape around the bottom is days of the week, from D'Lish Scraps.....see, Sian, I really, REALLY wanted some, so found something like, not the same, as yours!!!
The background was a journey. Those Ali E stamped words were another matter. Started embossed gold...but I did a dodgy job embossing, 'cos I didn't wait for the Distress daubed splats to dry....so gold sorta got embossed all over the show.
No matter - I'll just go over them with a black marker. But then they looked too 'thick' and 'black'.
Soooo....cover the blackness with extra bg work, right??!!
Wellll...I whacked on those diamond shapes with modeling paste, after spraying on some pink ink. OOPS! Now the words were all covered up. Never mind, scrap it back...OOPS...now the pink has smudged & so has the ink....
Had me stumped. BUT then I thought...what if I re-emboss with white?
And I LOOOOVED it....looks, like 3D....guess it is - it's got that many layers.
Don't think I'll be repeating it any time soon, though;)
So, now I was happy! Note the 'fussied' up banner below with the same letter stickers as the Polaroid Frame:
And one final pic:
YUMMY flair! The zig zaggy one is from Flutterby Designs [I won a prize for them!] & the other is Badges Folies, in France, I think.....looove their flair:)
Anyways, there's my take for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge AND Pixels and Paper!
Thanks for reading. Hope the bg story gave you a giggle!!
Lizzy ♥♥♥
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  1. What a fun scrappy adventure you took while creating this. I love the final result!!!

  2. omg! how amazing page :) i love this title with glitter!!

  3. oh yeah..me like... this is awesome Lizzy... I love the fab background amd delightful photo...right now I'm thinking if there is anyway I can live down south 6 months and up north when summers allows us to do do outdoor activities 24/7..anyway thank you for playing along with our challenge at Pixels and Paper :)

  4. This is beautiful.......love the colors and he way you did the background!! Thanks for playing with us at Pixels and Paper!

  5. Oh goodness Lizzy - what a process to arrive at the finished product. It made me laugh, but you stuck at it and tamed the layout. I would have given long before you arrived at a successful solution! Gorgeous and a gold star for persistence :D

  6. This is gorgeous! I loveeeeee the colors, the background and the banner!!!!!!!!!

  7. I was wondering why my eyelid was twitching the whole morning...*winks*
    Well, I'm all for combining challenges especially when you don't have enough days to post! Ha!
    This looks fabulous...I love how you keep going with the layers...the end product looks really good...it needs an encore!

    P/s: You are full of surprises sista!

  8. Bee..utiful Miss Lizzy and a wonderful example of how to combine two challenges and blog about it successfully. Thank you from Pixels and Paper.

  9. Pretty pretty pretty !! Loved the pik n gold combo my fav..the bg looks beautiful !!

  10. I love how your bloopers turned out so good ! Gorgeous layout Lizzy and thank you for joining in at AFSC .

  11. Oh you are too funny... I bet you talk to yourself like this all day long too :D Love the process and how you fixed your oopsies... a lovely layout and I love the photo. Makes me happy too.... <3

  12. Phwaw - I love this Lizzy! That photo is stunning!

  13. Your days of the week washi is a gorgeous colour! Actually, the whole thing is a gorgeous colour. Or two. I love the pink and gold

  14. This looks lovely! I love flowers and they can make me happy too! Great take on two challenges, and yes the month is closing too quickly! I have been doing my dt work lately so less challenges for me this month! And guess what? Lost the internet again last night, after being on the phone for 1 hour 12 minutes got it fixed...ggrrrr! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  15. That flower looks like a clematis. (Think I spelled that right) I have good memories of a green house I worked in and loving all the different kinds. Haven't had one a in while, maybe I need one for the side of ye old garden shed? I really dig this piece of yours, especially the three d triple embossed super wow letters! I love how you write too, lol!!! Hugs for this page Super Rock Star Lizzy! Thanks for hanging with us at AFSC!

  16. Such a sweet and inspired page Lizzy, the beautiful background sets off your photo perfectly and I LOVE how your lettering turned out in the end! Those kind of daisy-shaped flowers make me happy too, they always seem to be smiling to me :o)

  17. Lovely pic: it makes me happy too! I LOVE flowers, spring, sparkles and all is LIFE! And you have combined all this in your page, so, for me it's wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us at Stuck On U Sketches.

  18. Flowers and blooms certainly make me happy too....and this page certainly brings a smile to my face! Love the details and so, so love that photo! x

  19. Super layout and great post . Hard to see your struggles on the page all I see is deliciousness. Love the way you have dressed up that frame . I bought my first flairs , but cant bear the thought of using them , so keep taking them out and putting them away! When I see them looking so striking on your pages I know I have to put them to use

  20. Worked out great! Thanks for sharing at Pixels and Paper this month.

  21. Love your background oops and the way you re-worked sections to get a fabulous effect! Accidents sometimes surprisingly do give the best results. Great photo and post. You always make me smile! Thank you for joining in at Pixels and Paper. Cheers, Di


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