BOSTIK - almost father's day!

Hi there! Continuing my monthly BOSTIK posts, today I'm featuring GLU TAPE:
No matter how much I love my Glu Stiks...sometimes they don't work for what I want to do!
Since Father's Day is just around the corner, I thought I'd combine that with using my GLU TAPE.
First up, as you can deduce from the photo...I ALWAYS use my tape for wrapping pressies these days. Mainly cos I like to make my parcels look pretty [or handsome in this case!!] I really don't like the sticky tape showing.
You just have to make sure you add the tape to all the bits of paper as you're wrapping!
I also use it when I'm wrapping my ribbon around - just to make sure it doesn't slip slide around the place.....
Here's my finished parcel....sooo much 'tidier' than tape poking out all over the show, right??!!
 And the other side:
Right! So there's your father's day parcel taken care for the card with a little twist!
First off, to create a bit of an artsy look that ANYONE can do...get out that plastic bubble wrap & either some paint, ink sprays, or watercolours. I used ink sprays. I have a few to choose from *winks*:
I stamped with the green, then added some brown - I didn't bother cleaning off the green - it just adds to the effect:
Add some shapes such as stars - they always work well for male cards! Notice I've run around the edges with a black pen...
And twine is a FAB addition for men, too....easy way to attach? Masking tape! Simple, effective & super quick. And it holds the twine in perfect position:)
My little surprise for this card?
This is going to turn into a Gift Card pocket on the inside of the card:
I went with the pocket idea...used a corner rounder punch [ a MUST have!], then used a ruler as guide for doing some FAKE STITCHING....don't be too worried if you can't get them even - mine never are, but they look OK:
Well, the STITCHING looks OK...but OOOOPS!!! I stamped the 'thankyou' upside down!!! 
No mistakes in scrapping, right? Luckily I had some more of this paper & did this - which I think ended up looking better, actually:
Phew! Now, of course, attaching this pocket is where I absolutely NEED my GLU TAPE....& of course, it's super quick & pulling off pesky backing papers...just hold it at a 45 degree angle & go. BOSTIK has developed this AMAZING top on the runner, which swivels. Makes it easier to use!
So, on with  the tape:
And here's the finished inside:
And the front:
And close up:
Hope you get some ideas for making your own cards - or whipping up a quick one for Dad or for the kids to give to their Dad...I'm sure he'd love a voucher for lawn mowing....or 10 cups of tea delivered to him.....or no noise before 10am for 5 Sundays in a row!!! 
Thanks for looking & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Always great ides to find on your blog thanks for the tips....and that card too, so super cool for a dad, love it!! are right Lizzt about the album for my niece. It ended up being two, but it looks like it might be 3 as I still have some photos my sister has given me started of with one photo LOs and now I use 4 on a page lol ;)
    hugs x

  2. WOW! Awesome looking package and card! And gift voucher, too! You always have wonderful ideas on how to use everything! Thanks for sharing, Lizzy!!!!! (and for visiting my blog, too!!)

  3. Sooooo gorgeous! I love love love how you wrapped that present and loving the card!! GORGEOUS colors!!!!!!!!

  4. I want to thank you for the lovely comment you left me on my blog. It meant the world to me! You're so sweet and kind! I know I don't stop by as much as I use to, not enough time in this hectic world we live in. I do know that I can always find great ideas when I visit as I have this time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I'm becomimg more addicted to Bostik, even using glu sticks more so I'm hoping they hold for years to come. I truly love this masculine card Lizzy and you made me smile with the 'mistake' for stamping.

  6. Hehe! love the voucher idea! but knowing my kids it would be easier to just give money!! which works for me !! Love your card, and the gift wrapping looks wonderful too.. and here we are.. mid week.. already!!!

  7. Ooooh...looks like Bostik has a great range of adhesive products...and you are having fun with them. Awesome projects and ideas too! :)

  8. Always love calling by here and getting my Lizzy fix of awesome ideas
    Mary x

  9. Haha I like your suggestions for Father's Day gifts lol!!! Great projects and photos!

  10. Love to drop in here to gather up new ideas. Love the card and also your ideas for gifts. :)

  11. Great masculine card. Love the stamping on it. I also like to use my tape for pressies.... I hate tape to show. Looks fab Lizzy

  12. Nope...we never make mistakes in scrapping :-P Great tips and really cool fathers day card.

  13. smashing stuff !!!! wow wow wow , loving these xo

  14. Super, masculine grungy card....just perfect and your little parcel a super match!! ;-)

  15. How fabulous is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooo perfect! Great looking packaging and the card is clever and looks wonderful.

  16. That is such a cool card!!! And the present looks fabo them both :) Have never thought to use tape like that on pressies...will have to remember this one!!


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