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...not only is the year going more quickly than it was, if that's at all POSSIBLE....but there seems to be more stuff to do [& less time for doing stuff!!!]....anyways. Whinge over. Stuff is happening. Big Stuff like this:
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Then....over at PAGE MAPS I followed this sketch:
I sorta got a bit carried away with the bg...which was originally a green...then I'd whacked some white stenciled flowers on...then I didn't like that so covered the lot in black gesso, which then seemed a bit BLACK....[duh!] then I sanded it all back a bit & added some white gesso, some heat embossed orange with a know how it goes.....*WINKS*****
My page:
 As with all my work, things seem to be over rather than undersized! Created the # with my Silly machine then smooched it up....the camera came with some goodies I got from Sandi T [thank you!]...the flair is a VERY old one...using up stuff makes me feel GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!
 Dunno where the hand came from...but it's dated now!!! This is an old photo of DH in his Golfing Hey Day:
 I used a cut up PL card to do the journaling on....& if you're a  winner, you're deffo this:
 Mary B might not see it, but behind this photo is a Parisienne Bag she gave me, with more photos from this event - they're BIG photos, so hard to find a bag for them!
 And finally. Yeah,  I know, I know...I gotta learn NOT to take so many closeups...that was going to be my 'thing' this year. Aaah well---maybe in 205!!! The whole page:)
 But, really, you wanna see a closie of that crown, I just KNOW you do...chippy...not sure where from? Gesso'd up:
 And just in case you missed it - I did do some machine sewing on this one, too...& the 'honk' & 'beep' shapes have also been fussy cut from a PL card [handy li'l blighters]...
And you lot really ARE the best for making it to the end of this post!!!
I DO hope to see you over at our Off The Rails 'meet & greet' with Lawn Fawn...should be fun!
Cheers  ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. LOL! I look at your process and I stand amazed at what you have done. I would probably have trashed it rather than save it. You are an amazing artist xxx

  2. OMGosh Lizzy... I love this mixed media bg.... and yeah...I know how it goes ...a bit of this and a bit of that lol ;) but any way it turned out absolutely fab!!! I love the orange amongst your other fun stuff :)))))

  3. fabulous take on the sketch!!!! LOVE it..x

  4. Ah this is SO cool and what a great photo! I really like the houndstooth stencil added as it kinda goes with the fashion in the day. Love the little camera and I see the bag :) This turned out a treat Lizzy, you must be happy with it, a fabulous page.

  5. Aiming for less close-ups? What on earth for?? I love the close-ups. It really shows me the incredible detail that can sometimes be overlooked by a full-page shot. You must get pretty messy at that craft table of yours!! Now let's talk about the photo - what a CLASSIC! And the fact that you used the word 'Dang' in your journaling made me laugh. It's just perfect Lizzy :)

  6. Wow wow wowwwww!!! This is gorgeous! I loveeeeeeee the colors and the pointing hand!!!!

  7. You know I enjoy the amazing scrapbooking, but it would have been terrible to have missed the wacking the black background...Omg, I so enjoy your writing! ;-) Made me smile.

  8. Love your story about the whole process and your story telling does make me smile so thanks Lizzy. Another fantastic page.

  9. I am loving that dark bg a lot..all the layers ,embellishments everything looks wondeful on your page !

  10. Hehe...that's what usually happens when I work on my canvases. But the end product looks fabulous. The black background has a receding effect that really throws the focus on the photo. As always, love the details and the pops of colours.:)

  11. I think I have to go back up to the top again and reread this.. so much to remember.. I got dizzy with the instructions for lawn fawn, but I just need to remember about the live chat.. and fabulous layout.. the back ground looks great and all the details you have created on your page look awesome! and I am bearly hanging on to each day.. they are over before I know.. so I think we are all feeling that way.. stuff to do.. no time to do it!! oh wellllll!!

  12. If it was me - most likely will end up in the bin! You're amazing artist!! The end job is absolutely stunning .. If you don't explain the process I would have thought that this is how you want your BG to look like!! Anyhow this is absolute gorgeous .. Love it✔️.. Hugs x

  13. This is gorgeous Lizzy! Your layouts are always so full of beautiful bits and great journaling. :)

  14. What a great page. The dark colour and embellishments frame that cool photo beautifully.

  15. I so get the whole doing one thing and then covering it up! and using bigger embellishments :) And taking lots of pictures. I always keep thinking, but they need to see the details! Great layout, I love the mix of old and new eclectic mix! Awesome!

  16. Good grief Lizzy - what a crack up you are! It's like going around the world in 80 days....luuuurve that you salvaged the page. Never too many closies for me and the photo is a classic with the short shorts and the long socks. The orange embossing is a perfect touch for the time. Rock on girl :D

  17. Such an awesome, grungy boys page and your journalling is such a treat!!!! LOL...Super fun page! Agree with you...this year is just flying by and the extra time is just not being found at the moment!!!!! ;-)

  18. I absolutely love this rocking page!!! :D I love your post writing too! :)

  19. What a fun layout full of interesting detail!

  20. A fabulous boy page and I love how the background came together ... sounds just like what would happen to me!! LOL! A super fun page with gorgeous detail!! Love it!! ox


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