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Sunday, 3 August 2014


Hullo, my scrappy friends!
Today is BOSTIK day....this month I'm featuring their MULTI BOND glue, which is good for sticking heaps of stuff like paper, plastic, glass and METAL!
Just what I needed for adding some cute embellies to my tin below, which has been pleading to be altered for a couple of years now!
It's where I keep my bookmarks. And finished:
I also pulled out my KIDS PVA [another brilliant BOSTIK product] for adhering my papers first. It worked a TREAT! In fact, I wanted to see how this glue worked instead of some expensive  adhesives - & I was pleasantly surprised....it gave a lovely sheen & the paper glued down no probs at all:) 
Anyways, here's a step by step:
 Apply GESSO to the tin, to give the KIDS PVA a surface to stick to...rip up some papers...I even created a pre-made embellie [Top R] to go on, with some stamping [Eiffel tower], cut outs [tea cup] & stickers [postage stamps]!
It was a great excuse to use some LOVELY Paris ephemera given to me  by the lovely Mary B!
I applied the KIDS PVA with a sponge brush - it was easier to tip it onto a plastic lid first....make sure you cover the paper over the top, as well, & smooth down well so there are no air bubbles.....then [bottom Right],  I added some more gesso to create a shabby-chic look.
Once it was dry [you can see I added the little teapot first - that is a chipboard piece], I applied the Distress ink with a sponge dauber. Because there was more gesso over the glue, it 'took' really well & dried 'into' the tin perfectly.
Using the MULTI BOND glue, which is quite runny, I added my metal pieces:
 It dried quickly & rock solid! However, there was plenty of time to move & shift things so they were positioned nicely....silly me screwed OFF the applicator tip with the lid, so I used it straight from the tube...but even then, it was really easy to squeeze out & apply!
The plastic 'bling' strips [from Meg's Garden] were equally easy to apply....& that little bird cage had very, very little surface for sticking...no probs! Stuck solid, as well:):)
Some final photos:

Thanks for looking - I hope you have gained some inspiration & will have a 'go' at some upcycling of those tins or boxes sitting around the place......& remember that for sticking those 'other' surfaces, the MULTI BOND glue is ideal:)
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy♥♥♥


  1. What an amazingly gorgeous transformation, Lizzy!! Just love your finished tin, very vintage indeed :)) I think I need myself some of this glue, as I'm finding that my flairs sometimes fall off the page! :(( Will have to check out if it is available locally for me. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Very nice Lizzy. I love gluey, collagey projects like this!

  3. What a transformation ! Now this will be something for your Grandchildren in years to come say "my Gran made this! I "was wondering how you were going to use the Paris embellies, you are a clever one. Great ideas Lizzy, Bostik could not have picked a better ambassador

  4. wow, just stunning Lizzy! Totally love this little totally bejewelled tin! And what a great idea for bookmarks tool. Hmmmn, need to get some of this glue!!! I'm sure bostik will LOVE this project!

  5. Hmmm Bostik Multi bond you say! Looks like the perfect tool for the job. Love your finished product. Ithe shabby chic look is gorgeous. How kind of Mary to share one of her precious French things. :D

  6. WOWZERS! I love your little tin box - fabulous idea AND inspiring...I'm in agreement with others about you being a great ambassador for Bostik coz I never would have thought of their glue before!! hey for anyone else out there (and I hope you don't mind Lizzy here's where you can get that black rhinestone chain: http://www.my2angels.net/p/4819/Black-Acrylic-Chain-with-Rhinestones.html and the little bird in cage charm: http://www.my2angels.net/p/7453/Antique-Bronze-Birdcage-Charms-%283%29.html they are just gorgeous and you've used them so creatively tfs xxx

  7. WOW! Lizzy, what a transformation........absolutely gorgeous. Must get me some of that glue me thinks.

  8. Oh lovely. Good to know about this product

  9. Great to learn about all the different glues and I think you've converted me Lizzy.

  10. Love the transformation of the tin, looks great with the metal trinkets on it. Very vintagey! A strong glue is an essential tool for all things scrappy! I hope your weekend is going well!

  11. The end result is amazing. I hate throwing out jars and tins but never know what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration. Thank you also for your lovely comments on my blog, I appreciate them so much.

  12. Wow wow wowwwwwwww!! What a transformation!! I loveeeeeeeee it!!!! Gorgeous colors and textures!!!!!

  13. What a beautiful transformation!! I love it!! You did good job Lizzy!! Hugs x

  14. What a fab idea. I have loads of bookmarks... I have to have one for each book I am reading and so I started to collect them. I love what you did to the tin too. Just gorgeous Lizzy.

  15. ROCK STAR LIZZY! My eyeballs fell out over the gems! Sweet that you could reposition those gem pieces, something that hot glue would NOT allow for! ;-) Hugs!

  16. Beautifully repurposed tin. You are a great advocate for Bostik. I love the metal details. Hugz to you xxx

  17. Wow, you've performed magic on that tin!!! Just awesome what you made of it!!!

  18. super cool altered box... love it... You know that I love anything altered. you have created an awesome one here :)

  19. Such a transformation! I'm very impressed with the sound of this glue..sticking to tin always turns out to be harder than it sounds (that didn't sound quite right...)

  20. Oh wow. Metal and glass? I'm sold!
    This looks fantabulous! The craft room is looking better and better, eh? *winks*

  21. Wow....so creative Lizzy! This looks gorgeous! I must definitely keep this little seed of inspiration! ;-)

  22. Wow!! What a fabulous transformation Lizzy!! Love the vintage look and all the metal bits!! Gorgeous!! ox


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