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Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Details - Rukristin workshop

A while ago, I was lucky enough to give away a place in the RUKRISTIN 'My Details' workshop...hey, Helen W.....started yet???!!!!!
I got madly enthusiastic & using an 8x8 scrap book I picked up cheaply at our local Op Shop, followed all the prompts....there are still pages in the book, but I'll use them up some other time.
Since I've been away on holidays [Cairns & The Sunshine Coast, Queensland]
[BTW..that was the ONLY sunny day outta 7 in Cairns - & it didn't last long!!!].....
.....& then had my gorgeous Step Grand Girl to stay.....
....AND for the next month am minding the Grand Boy twice a week......not so much challenge entering as normal is happening!!!
So, if you like minimal writing & lotsa pictures, keep on scrolling down *winks*
 ...& AFTER!!! Oh, yeah, I 'worked it', baby!!!!
 Aaaand....orrfff we go on a journey......
There were HEAPS of prompts- both visual & written....I used ALL old papers or stash I had....
 And I DARE YOU to do a LO of YOU in bed!!!!!!
Next came this:

 And yes, I took this pic.....worked well for writing on!

 I think some of these pages I've shown before...but anyways....below is my birthday lunch date with Tom at a local Turkish restaurant...YUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 And lastly......
And that's it! I found the course 'unleashed' a different sort of creative-ness & journey & I simply ADORED it! 
Thanks for taking a peek & happy scrapping, my friends ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Lizzy this is such a fab idea and your album certainly tells a lot about YOU, I love it. Oh and that gorgeous photo of the children together is divine.

  2. Gosh Lizzy, awesome album, love all these busy pages and learning more about you. the photos of Palm Cove and Cairns make me homesick, but happy to be setting up our new home which is so time consuming!!! Thanks so much for your caring and understanding comments on my blog, I needed to let some of it out!!!

  3. Boy you sure changed the cover of that album! Love your book and enjoyed looking at your pages and learning little snippets about you, although I think I knew most of them. It will be a nice book to look back on and add to and for future generations. Don't think you will see a layout of me in bed, people may never recover !

  4. Well now I have seen you in bed I have seen it all!!hehe!! Seriously though, this post is amazing, you have got the journalling perfected and love all the elements you put on your pages.. love the washi, the arrows and all your bits and bots to make each page wonderfully appealing to look at and read.. love the photo of the sky and the journalling on it.. and after seeing this you should definitely have a go at masters this year, as you certainly can put journalling on a page..as well as putting a cover on an art journal!! I hope your weekend is going well.. a bit cooler again up here, but ever so busy.. one week of school holidays is over... :( hehe!!

  5. Your cover is jaw-dropping!! In a good way, that is ;) You are a seriously talented lady. I watch in awe and then take notes.

  6. Fabulous work! I don't think I could take up the challenge of scrapping a pic of me in bed… you've got me there! Lol! Love the before and after pic!

  7. I love all the journaling you've got going on in this album and I especially love the picture of your holiday reading. I went shopping for my holiday books yesterday and they are sitting here ready for the annual photo before they go into the suitcase. I like buying from the Book Depository too and I like the Ladies Detective Agency too :)

  8. Wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!! This book is AMAZING!!! I am IN LOVE with the cover and loveeeeeee all the pages! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  9. I agree with the ladies you did fabulous with these gorgeous creations of yours!! The pages are beautifully done!! I love how you transform the cover of the album!! It's stunning my friend! Hugs x

  10. What a wonderful album Lizzy! So many great stories to tell!! The cover looks uber awesome & I love "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" by Alexander McCall Smith. Knowing Botswana as well as I do it is so accurate & funny (my inlaws have lived there for 20 years) so we've visited many times...

  11. A great make over of the album Lizzy - did you take the window off the front cover? Lots of everyday journalling bit and pieces which tell the story of woman in this era, so different from that of our Mothers and no doubt, even more different from the lives of our Grand babies. I have tried again to access the course and have emailed Rustikin today. Fingers crossed :D

  12. Loooove these little insights into your life....... All your layouts totally ROCK!!!!

  13. Wow. LOVE how you transformed that cover. Looks amazing!
    Glad you enjoyed the prompts.
    It was great to learn more about you...I don't read manuals...unless I have to..I'm more adventurous...lol I learn a lot from reading too. Books mostly. You would think I watch YouTube videos for mixed media...but no... I borrow Art books from the library, then experiment.

  14. All I can say is Wow!!! Your album is so fantastically creative and absolutely beautiful!!! I love every single page! I especially love your journaling and the wonderful stories!! You rock, Lizzy!! And thanks for you visit to my blog, too!

  15. Fun layouts and fantastic journaling! That's something I always struggle with!

  16. Love your album cover....looks amazing and love every creative page, you have a great journaling style, Lizzy :)

  17. This is totally fantastic Lizzy!! Apart from learning a little more about you ( although seeing you in bed might be a little more than we would have asked for .. LOL ) each and every page is so full of love and fun and just plain gorgeous!!!!! The cover is amazing and every single page a masterpiece!! Loved it from start to finish!! You rock!! ox

  18. This album is absolutely fantastic. I loved reading each and every "story".

  19. Loved ur mini Lizzy. I was totally blown away by the second pic. ..... A moment in my time or two. Little did I know that every pic after that would be equally capturing. I've always admired the way you express so easily and simply. This book is sure captures some awesome times

  20. Oh I wish I had seen this course I would have loved to have done it. I love this little album and all of your journalling Lizzy. Jusst beautiful. Congrats Helen on winning it too...:D


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