I feel like I've hit the proverbial 'jack pot' invited to be an ambassador for BOSTIK products....& since my 'go to' glue is the GLU STIK....of COURSE I said a resounding 'YES'!!!!!
So, this will be a bit different for me - I'm gonna focus on one product at a Aussie this product is available practically EVERYWHERE:
Including supermarkets, Big W, Woolworths etc etc.....
I thought I'd start with a 'WHY' I use Glu Stiks.....'cos originally when I started scrapping I used this stuff:
And it makes me 'grrrr' when it comes away from the inner core like of the reasons I don't use it anymore. Here's a couple more reasons:
 It's, peeling that back layer off & leaving the front ON the paper....and then, once you stick it. It's STUCK. Crooked. Too late!
The worst thing I've found, though, is after a period of time it lost its 'stickiness' & my pages started falling apart. Scrappers worst nightmare.......
Sooo...then I went to liquid adhesive. It has its place in my scrappy 'repertoire'. However, for run of the mill 'sticking'...I don't like it 'cos of this:
Some liquid glues, as soon as you open them start to 'squidge' out all over the show.....others get clogged up.....& then, if you pop on a touch too much glue - or place it too close to the smudges all over the show. Trying to clean it up creates more of a mess. It's really sticky & messy!
Bostik Glu Stiks have these advantages:
  • Quick to operate [no holding the liquid glue upside down, waiting for it to run into the nozzle!]
  • No leakage/mess
  • The paper can be adjusted/moved after application
  • You can get right to the edges without seepage
Convinced you yet? At the very least, give them a 'go'. And not other sorts - they HAVE to be Bostik...I've tried 'em all, believe me!
Here's how I get my glue right to the edge of my papers:
I twist up the glue a little way. Using an old piece of scrap paper, place my cut out patterned paper right side down on it, then holding it in one place, go around the very edges with my Glu Stik - some of the glue will go onto the scrap paper, but that's fine. 
I make sure I twist my Glu Stik down to this height before putting the lid on, & I ALWAYS place the lid back on as soon as I've used it. It keeps it 'moist' & makes it easier to use.
Soooooo.....there's my 'product focus'......& of course, then I had a whole lot of stuck down patterned papers that were squealing 'USE ME, USE ME.....' so I thought I'd make a card:)
Firstly, I trimmed back all my papers - even the ones I put on crooked. The 'squidged' out card I simply turned over & used the back side......
  • Use your grid mat to help centre your card
  • Create the TOP of your card BEFORE you attach it to the card base
  • Only pop a dollop of glue in the CENTRE of the card stock as you attach the layers - it provides plenty of 'stickability', & then, if you decide to tuck in some more layers, you can do so easily:)
Below, you can see I decided to trim off the ends of the little strip I added...simple, cos the card stock was not glued right to the edges....the photo tabs [Typo] were easy to tuck in too, for the same reason:
BTW, here's my 'cheats way' of getting glue onto little bits of paper:
Just as I'd glued the card top, ready to stick onto the base, the phone rang. So I slapped it down quick & answered the was for DH, so I took the phone into him....came back to my scrap room & looked at my card & realised I'd STUCK IT DOWN THE WRONG WAY...
....I even had time to take a photo of it!!!! Thank GOODNESS for that lag time you have with the Glu Stik before it sets....peeled the top off, turned it round....NO PROBS!!!!
Disaster averted:)
The finished card:
 NB: Glu Stiks are GREAT for attaching materials like this doily [thanks Chantelle H!] & the Dusty Attic leaves - it's the only glue I used on this card!
 Hope you enjoyed taking this bit of a journey with me.....& I hope you'll look at Bostik Glu Stiks in a slightly different light from now on;)
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Oh my I didn't know bostik works wonder!! I have heaps no actually they are my son's!! Thanks for the tips Lizzy!! Your card is so sweet!! Love it!! Hugs x

  2. wow! I now know what glue I'm gonna try next Lizzy....fabulous layered card (the doily makes it perfect) - FANTASTIC marketing too....LOVE LOVE LOVE your work, as usual. HUGE CONGRATS on your totally well deserved 'ambassadress" appointment :)

  3. This is gorgeous!!!!! I loveeeeeee the doily! I will have to see if they have them in the US!!

  4. Oh gosh! you sent a shiver down my spine, when you said the tape loses it's stick. Arghhh! I have hundred of pages to review. I have used the Bostik for cards and am now going to trial it for layouts. How does it go with heavy, heavy things like Fin's metal clocks and really heavy stuff? Would you used an else there? Thanks for the tip :D

  5. Wow you are a great educator! You should sell real estate! Loved your tips and I won some glue sticks in a prize once and thought I should try them. I love them for cards, for all the reasons you have said, I love the blue glue as it shows you where you have put it, it goes nice and close to the edge and there are no stickey bits or bumps, and it dries clear. And those strings you get from some clear glues? Well they are so frustrating! Hehe, love your cute card too!

  6. Thanks for the tips Lizzy and I'm not surprised you're an ambassador because I for one know you already use Bostik.

  7. Brilliant! think you have converted me to give it a try. It is true the tape loses its stick. A lot of my old layouts have come unstuck. I agree with Lizzy C you have a knack as a educator and the card looks fabulous

  8. OK, now I need to go out and get me some of these glue sticks!!!! Your card is so beautiful, Lizzy. I just love how you used the doily!!!

  9. Congratulations on becoming an ambassador for your favourite adhesive. We all have our favourite adhesive...I have personally never used glue sticks.

  10. I love my Bostick BluSticks - yes, I use the blue ones - so I can see where I've put it! ;) (And I use them ALL the time too!) I have to keep several on hand as my DD is always "borrowing" them from me! You didn't have to sell them to me, but you've done a fabulous job anyway! hehe XXX

  11. of course we don't have it here in Italy :(
    I don't use glue stick usually but your tips are very helpful!

  12. Loved reading your tips on using Bostik glu sticks Lizzy, you've converted me.

  13. Okay. You've certainly sold me on the product. Great job!

  14. You are a Fab Sales girl Lizzy :) ! Pretty cards..very different from your style ;) !

  15. What a cool post! I am already a Bostik Fan!! Nice card too!

  16. How fantastic Lizzy! That really is a dream come true!! I don't think we get those here but I will look out for them. We get Pritt here but it is very expensive. I am a glue girl too & here there is a really great one that is SO economical & rarely blocks up. It is a squidgy one but I'm okay with that :)

  17. M a Bostik girl too Lizzy. My fav are the glu stick that you've shown here. My first layer of tissue or pp on most of my mixed media projects have been stuck down with this. My second must've Bostik is their fine and wide clear glue with the dual applicator. They are perfect for teeny tiny bits


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