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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Yep. Another month is here already. SCARY!!! But the new sketch from PURPLE PUMPKIN is nothing to be scared about. In fact, it's a beauty. My page almost scrapped itself. Always the sign of a good sketch, I think...thanks to Monique Liedtke!
I replaced the 2 photos with one...tucked my journaling in a bag behind my photo, cos I had extra photos to 'hide'....& added some embellies where the journaling spot is. REALLY enjoyed doing this one - I hope you find it the same when you join in...*winks*!!
The Liquorice Allsorts felt embellies are PERFECT for a 'man' page, I found....this is old Prima paper...fussied up with some bg masking...
My Motex Writer stars again.....oh, yeah...a small title instead of a large one for me!
And a bit of yummy washi tape hiding here behind the tabs:)
 Below are 'hidden' photos, in a little folder, behind the photo. Works a treat for telling a story & keeping those photos of an event together:)
 Thanks for looking ~ I do hope you can join us this month over at PURPLE PUMPKIN...remember, you do NOT have to use PP goodies to join in...& maybe, hopefully you might even win some!!!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
BIG PS.....I have literally spent HOURS re-downloading photos from my computer into Picassa & onto my blog posts....not to mention the DT blogs & scheduled posts...because silly me decided that since Google+ told me I had too many photos I should delete some.
And naturally, as I bundled them off into the TRASH folder...I deleted them from there, too. PFFFFFFTTT!!! As a good scrappy friend would say.
So I'm behind with everything now & I'm HOPING, PRAYING, CROSSING my EVERYTHING that I've gotten stuff back where it ought to be. Please let me know if I haven't!!!

Not sure which one fits. Maybe both!!!


  1. Oooh Lizzy those pictures are funny but the situation is not :(((((( I sooooo hate when things like this happen to me and my scrappy mates :((((((( Rule 1 - do NOT listen to those silly automated messages!! Sooo sorry!!!! I wish I had a boat!!! Too cool!!!! Love the idea & the look of yours & Tom's!! And love the soft colours in that layout too...but manly aswell. Nice!!!

  2. What a gorgeous page! This one has it all...beautiful design, cool circles (huge fan!), fab distressing AND hidden journaling! Well done :) And yikes, I do hope you get all the discarded pics back...bad form Google+, bad form....

  3. Another fabulous page, Lizzy. Love the background you have created......perfect for your pic. That's a great sketch. Glad you have things sorted now with your photos........those pics are too funny. Love the bottom one......teehee. AND I'm playing catch up with your other fabulous creations below this post...........all totally gorgeous stuff, Lizzy.

  4. A great take on that sketch and I'm glad the boat fills a hole that golfing left. Every bloke needs a hobby and boating, when you live near water would seem to be the perfect answer. Love the little silver yacht embellie and the Motex writing. About the photos...Arghhh…I'd be saying more than that…I don't understand how Google can say you have too many photos…isn't that the point of a having a blog?

  5. I am sorry I had to tell you about your photos! SO SORRY! But since Helen had her issues, I thought it best to report it right off! Besides, I wanted to SEE the post! I have had that issue before, ended up paying the yearly fee to not worry about photo storage on google. I love love love this page! Boats are magical. I have had my fair share when we lived down south! Always loved being on the water....So pretty too your page! It's just got a great look to it! HUGS and sorry you lost your photos!!

  6. I am so sorry you are going through this :( Ugh ... I hope everything comes back up ... I wish the Google peeps NEVER would have created Google+ -- it has CAUSED NOTHING but PROBLEMS for everyone :( Ugh ... I have creepers and spammers and stalkers leave me spam messages from Google+ and I block them ... but they still leave spam comments ... hate it!! I love love love love love your lo! LOVING how you substituted circles for the triangles!!!!!

  7. Oh dear, what did that mean Lizzy? Too many photos?? I dont understand all this blogger stuff, just wish it would just keep working.. I hope you got it sorted.. I spent over an hour looking for some scrap stuff I had put in a SAFE place, I looked everywhere, took drawers apart.. was getting very upset, then saw the stuff.. right there.. safely put... GGGRRRR! anyways onto good things... Love your layout, love the hidden journalling, love the pies instead of the triangles too.. And the boat looks great.. I shall print this sketch off and put it on my pile of to do stuff!! have a great wednesday!

  8. That's sketch is def tempting and your take on it is fabulous. Adding hidden photos and journalling is a really good idea. So sorry to hear abt d mess with d photos. Don't b mad at urself, Google doesn't have d most friendly help on blogger. Hope u managed to get things sorted.

  9. Such a great Masculine Page. Love the little hidden pull out file with your journalling and more photo's and I love the circles, makes me think of boats steering wheels. The tabs look great and the little sail boat embellie. I had that happen to me ages ago with the google thing. I think it is a way of them trying to get you to pay for more space. I just kept ignoring it and just deleting stuff I didn't need anymore. Hope you get your photo's back, how frustrating :(

  10. Glad the boat is a blessing , i must say this is such a great twist of the sketch with the circles in place of triangles.Just saw that little yacht at the bottom ... there is so much to see on this layout it is soooo interesting and full of detail. A real beauty Lizzy.

  11. Oh Lizzy how frustrating!!!! I loathe google + too - can't see why they have to change things that work! Now there are so many probs with the'new' format.
    Love this page though! What mask did you use for the background it is seriously awesome and I HAVE to have it!!! - I need a motex writer too:)))

  12. Fabulous take on the sketch. I love the circles and the hidden journaling. Hope I get to go on the boat on my next visit.;)

    P/s: Keep your photos to 800 pixels and you should not have space issues.

  13. Oh LIzzy....hope it all sorts out for you.
    Love your layout ,,,fabulous take on the sketch...great ideas for your journaling.
    The pics made me smile.....not sure how I would feel either. :)

  14. Oh Lizzy those pics are funny......but what happened isn't...a nightmare I'd say! Love your layout and those licorice allsorts. Hubby has been talking about a boat for years along with.......( he wants to many things!)

  15. Fabulous lo Lizzy! Love your masculine take on the sketch and the use of the circles!

    Too many pics???????????????? So frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love both the illustration & pic that you used to represent your frustration. Honestly.....we just want to share and have fun, yet sometimes it turns into hours of frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  16. that's a pain about google. it happened to me too and I just signed up for extra space at US$5 per year. now I host all my pics on flickr as it allows 1 terabyte free.

  17. I just LOVE how you have changed the triangles to circles in keeping with the photo. Great layout. Love the manliness to it.


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