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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

They used to be called SQUIDGY PINS....

....not the most inspiring name....but these little wooden embellies certainly more than make up for that!
I was lucky, lucky, lucky to get some to play with......so I have! And I've done a post over at SCRAP 365 to share with you what I've done. So I ain't gunna rattle on any longer....Here's a bit of a teaser! Well, it's supposed to whet your appetite so you want to just hit that button & scoot on over:):)
Did it work???!!! 
I've  a few hints on how to alter your chippies too. Click HERE to find out more:):)
And Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy xo


  1. Well I shall leave a comment first before I disappear over..hehe.. otherwise how will you know that I was here to see it in the first place...!! and off I go!!!!

  2. Just paid a visit to see the whole thing - gotta say I'm really impressed with what you did :) I love how you used the polaroid frame as a mask too!

  3. I am off to check it out, Lizzy! It looks amazing!!!!!!!

  4. Just been there too... such a clever chickie Dee..... love it.

  5. Love what I see so far....off to check it out!


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