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Sunday, 9 March 2014

LESSology #34 for MARCH...

...is to use pegs!
I got inspired by this issue of SCRAP 365 mag, with Katy Leitch's OTP creation in there....
[the newest edition is about to hit the shops!!]
...mind you, mine is NOTHING like it...but inspiration was just what I needed!
So, just for you, Sandra, I've done an OTP project that is USEFUL.
How'd I do that?
Well, I'm one of those peeps that needs the photo[s] I'm scrapping close by. And they usually end up covered in glue or glitter or get scratched.....Yvonne Yam would KWIM!
And, since this is for her challenge site, LESSology, I thought it was perfect!
Curious? Wanna check out what I've made? You know what I'm gonna say, don't you....
yup! Off you go by clicking HERE...
And a sneak peek or two:

 Can you see my peg???!!!! All is revealed over at LESSology.....& check out this month's prize....worth going into, I reckon:):)41 00809
The GRAPHIC 45 'Sweet Sentiment' 12x12 paper collection!
Would love to see you joining us at LESSology:):)
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. This is just sooooooooooo awesome!!! I love it!!!!!

  2. Had a little look and love what you have done, those flowers along the bottom very colorful, clever idea..

  3. Hi Lizzy! Heading over to LESSolgy right now!!!! You have me intrigued!

  4. Lizzy - you are so clever to think of this. It's amazing. Btw, the link you've given with the word HERE doesn't go to your work - just the general post. I had to faff around a bit to find it.

  5. Off to checkbit out, bet it's awesome!!

  6. Love what you've shown here. Looks so fun and fresh.....off to see the full reveal!

  7. I LOVE this project. And yes, I know what you mean. My photos get very "dirty"...lol


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