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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fake PL for Purple Pumpkin...

Yep, I've been faking it again! I had a pile of wedding photos that I wanted to scrap, but not in single pages...& sometimes the PL plastic sleeves annoy me, cos you need to have your photos orientated in a certain way & be a particular size to fit...sooooo I went back to 'faking' it! I've popped some hints & ideas onto my post over at PURPLE PUMPKIN...& I really appreciate it when you guys pop on over to see my DT work, but this time round I thought I'd just make this a 'picture post' & put them up here!
I picked out the colours before I started the pages - being a single event, I knew what would match & this worked really well...there's a few 'Silly' die cuts in here...
 I've used the white sheets you get in the packets of plastic 12x12 sleeves as my backing pages...
 A lovely big PP satin flower....rounded all the corners of the photos etc...
The lovely floral button [on the lace] is PP:)
 Fabulous flowers...couldn't do that on a PL page, either!!! Fake is GREAT:):)
 Isn't he the CUTEST???!!!!
 And finally a closie of the cut out...I like the look against the hearts:):)
Well, apart from a few other pages with individual photos, I've almost finished scrapping the wedding....thanks for taking a peek into 'our' world, & don't forget our monthly sketch challenge going on over at Purple Pumpkin either:):)
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. I LOVE your fake PL pages. So pretty. And really great for showcasing the fabulous photos.:)

    P/s: Bought some PL sleeves in a bid to use up my scraps...might just end up using them as stamp storage though...lol

  2. I really enjoyed your fake pages! Oh man, what a good idea! Those flowers are lovely and that PP one is amazing! ROCK STAR~

  3. Sooooooooooooo gorgeous!! I am loving the flowers, the colors and the photos!!!!

  4. Fake or not, this is wonderful! The photos are fab and you've done this beautiful, cohesive job showing them off! It must've been some event!

  5. Wow Lizzy, I love these pages, there is nothing fake about them.. I reckon you are only a good thing here doing it this way, the way YOU want.. love the colors, pink is so pretty, great photos, wonderful memories of a beautiful day.. and YOU look amazing!!

  6. wow what treasures, you do PL so well. I am not into it at all, but admire what you and others do... wonderful way to keep memories , striking pics too Lizzy x

  7. Such a lovely documentation of a beautiful day. Love the little hearts carried throughout the pages. You have done a wonderful job with the wedding photo's , what a beautiful album you will have. PS don't get a shock but I have purchased some PL sleeves ( they were half price, so thought It couldn't hurt to get some ) ;)

  8. Fake? These are fabulous! Love your PL Lizzy. Every little square comes together so beautifully!

  9. Oh my! Love is just oozing from the pages - what a beautiful memory to have of the special day.

  10. lovely memories here and so beautifully done. Like the faking idea....it is annoying when the photos are the wrong way!


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