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Saturday, 8 February 2014

CAS-ual Fridays #127 & Scrap Wyzwaniowo #92

Hey there! Over at CAS-ual Fridays the challenge is to go 'Over the Edge'.....so I did. Once again I have Natalie E to thank for this card! She is one inspiring gal. Not that this is anything like her original!!
 Soooo...got a 'thing' about feathers atm....they're all local ones I've picked up whilst walking the dog!! I call these my 'feather bouquets'...works for me! That stamp is from the Zeus & Zoe etsy shop!
And that is MY handwriting converted to a Silly file then cut out. Rather proud of it, I am:):)
Scrap Wyzwaniowo challenge - CIRCLES
It seems I've gotten a 'thing' for 7 Dots Studio, especially their new collections...especially Illusions...but anyways, there's a random chance of winning their Cold Country papers in this challenge...soooooo, naturally I HAD to have a go!!!!
An art journal page. Been a while. This also started out as an 'errk' page, but I painted it over with white paint & began again!!!!
The numbers refer to basically 'the countdown of life'...as it winds down, so to speak...hence the next image of a clock, cos whether we like it or not, time is passing & not one single person is getting younger. Regardless of how we'd like to 'fool' ourselves!!!
 I know, a bit grim...but this is where my minds goes at times.....& that's what art journals are about, aren't they???? Better show you the whole page;)

So much stuff on here, it's too much to explain. It's enough to say there are PLENTY of circles!!!!

This was taken in Christchurch, New Zealand - Brighton Beach.....it's a lovely spot to walk....& reflect on life!!!
So there y'go. My page:)
Blessings ~ & make the most of every day, right??!!!!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. The card looks great with the feathers and the silly cut of your handwriting. Interesting to read the story of the art journalling page. Do you just go over it with Gesso when you have an erk event? I've tried doing that and the erk always seems to bleed through. Maybe you use acrylic paint? Anyway, your reflective art work is eclectic and thought provoking TFS :D

  2. I love the way you used circles!!!! Thank you for playing with us!!!

  3. Sooooooooo gorgeous! LOVING those colors and those feathers!!!!!

  4. Love the feathers card! So pretty! .... loving your journal page too Lizzy .... you rock ! hugs....x

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Ohhhh! Feather bouquet! So cool! Love it!

  6. Well goodness me, if I am at the beach when I die, then I shall die happy! Wow.. love your card, and the feather bouquet!! and your arty page, well lots to look at as well as ponder on.. fabulous back ground details and textures.. and I hope you have had a good Saturday.. Had my Dad in hospital for 3 days, out today.. He has an infection in his arm.. hopefully he will get over it ok!! but a few extra busy days!

  7. Hi Lizzy! WOW! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I can't tell you how much I love the card you made! It's absolutely feathery fabulous! And your art journal page is simply gorgeous and so, so creative! Once again, thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. And I want to thank you for your wonderful visit to my blog too! You made me giggle!!!!! ♥♥

  8. I loved the feather card..tall cards seem to be in these days ! Lots of colors,textures n stamping on the journal page..looks Wonderful !

  9. Hi Lizzy, gourges, gorgeous card and AJ page. I love the colours and all the funky details, and it work so well with the fantastic beach photo. P.S thanks for the lovely comment over at ARTastic :)

  10. Love the art journal page . Very thought provoking, but think of good things Lizzy :)

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both of these look amazing! LOVE the feathers on the first project and the circles, color and texture on the second looks fabulous!

  12. Beautiful projects Lizzy! Love he art journal page because of the thought. It is just the way it is and I am so awear of it :( Thanks for playing along at Scrapki-Wyzwaniowo.


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